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You choose when, where, and who you work for!

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We Support You

We support long-lasting relationships between great cleaners like you and your customers

Great Money
Always make at least
$17/hr + tips, deposited into
your bank account weekly.
Great Customers
Get more repeat customers
(weekly and bi-weekly) and
keep them for years!
Great Flexibility
You set when and where you
want to work and accept the
customers you want.

Respect, Trust and Appreciation

We work for you, providing you with the support you need to be even more successful

As an independent home cleaner, we know you work hard.  We also know it can be difficult to find new customers, get paid fairly, reduce your unpaid travel time, and work alone.   That's why we're here to help you!

We'll provide you with the support you need so you only have to focus on doing a great job for your customers.  We’ll take care of the rest for you. As a "HurraHome Approved" cleaner, you will still be a self-employed independent cleaner, but we’ll help you find and manage great customer relationships.

Just Three Simple Steps

Getting "HurraHome Approved" takes less than a week for great cleaners

Apply online
Take two minutes to tell us about
yourself and your preferences.
Once you've applied, we'll
schedule a quick call with you.
Let’s talk
We really want to get to know you
and make sure you know us. We'll
schedule a few times to talk to
make sure we’re good.
Start accepting work!
If we both agree to work together,
we'll offer you new customers
when and where you want to

We find great independent home cleaners like you, introduce you to new customers, and support you as you build long-lasting relationships directly with your customers!